Join us for Leisure, Exploration, & Activities!

Leisure - We aim to provide convenient, quality, accessible leisure opportunities.

In this busy world it is important to take time to disconnect from the constant demands on your time. Among our many responsibilities and commitments, it is important to budget some time for yourself. Leisure time gives you a chance to relax, recharge, and re-energize.

Exploration - We want to bring joy as participants discover new places, try new things and meet new people.

Discover waterfalls, lakes, and rivers. See forests, deserts, grasslands, and mountains. Interact with people from all around the world. Try speaking other languages, taste different foods, and make new cultural connections.

Activities - We work with activity providers to offer diverse, interactive, engaging and accessible itineraries.

Fun activities are available to those with little or no experience. We aim to offer options for those with mobility limitations and other challenges. Activities include: sight seeing, indoor rock climbing, and snow-sports like skiing, snowboarding, and the more accessible option of snow-limo tours.

Positive Connections - We want to build a sense of community, and expand perspectives through new experiences and interactions. 

Create bonds with friendly people who will surround you with good vibes, support and encouragement. Expand your social circle and develop your network. Feel a sense of belonging as part of a positive group.